Malaysia bans 'Noah' because of Russell Crowe
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How to Have Greater Success in Independent Film in 2013

Conditions in the film business are changing.  Theaters are struggling as consumer habits are drastically shifting.  People still want to see movies, but they
also want to play games and use Facebook and watch Youtube and engage in any other
number of activities.  

The DVD market has also declined precipitously.  When they do
watch films, many people are satisfied to watch them on their big

Microsoft Hires Nancy Tellem: Why This Is Important

This week, Microsoft hired veteran television executive, Nancy Tellem, to head the company's new entertainment division.  The new division will be based in Los Angeles (where Tellem lives), rather than in Redmond, Washington where the main Microsoft headquarters is located.  When I posted this news on Twitter and Facebook a couple days ago, my buddy Mike Duffin asked me to explain why I thought

In The Age of Social Media, Quality Prevails Over Marketing

In the pre-Internet entertainment business, access to the public was everything.  There were a handful of gatekeepers who decided what songs people would hear and which movies they would see.  If you couldn't get your project through one of those doors, it was unlikely anyone beyond your friends and family would ever experience your art.

Today, not only is it possible to get your music and films

Antitrust and the Cable Industry

I was recently contacted for an article for TechNewsWorld on the Justice Department's apparent antitrust investigation of the cable industry.  Below is the full text of the comments I sent to the reporter,  Erika Morphy.

It's a really good article and an interesting issue.  Take a couple minutes and give it a read.

My comments to Erika on the DOJ investigation:

This arises primarily as a

Hewlett-Packard - A Lesson In Why A Strategy Must Respect The Brand

First of all, it's nice to be back online.  I took several weeks off of blogging and tweeting to recharge my battery and simply observe for a while.  Time well spent.  I'll probably start getting back into things a little slowly.  Here's my first thought:

Hewlett-Packard's stock price suffered an historical drop this week.  I suppose they could point to general economic uncertainty, but no one